Elm Atom Plugins

Adding on to my previous list of Elm tools and resources here are some very good and useful plugins that will enhance your Elm editing in Atom. There are lots of editors with good Elm suport but I really enjoy using Atom for Elm and that is what this list is about.

  • The first thing you will want to install is language-elm as it provides syntax highlighting. It also offers autocompletion for which you will have to also install Elm Oracle – see the package docs for that.

  • Run elm-format on save or manually. I could not work without this: Just type away and this plugin formats cowboy style code into a readable beauty that looks like everyone elses Elm code.

  • linter-elm-make lints your files on save or even on the fly. It runs elm-make in the background and displays its errors and warnings in a pane on the bottom. This is really nice as you do not have to leave the editor and it also gives you clickable line numbers to jump to the occasions.

  • elmjutsu offers a bag of tricks for developing with Elm: If you want to add a lightweight feeling of IDE in Atom, this package is pretty nice: It has autocompletion, Go To Definition, Find Usages, Rename Symbol, etc. It also offers a sidekick pane that displays type hints and documentation.

  • html-to-elm converts plain HTML to the according Elm HTML. This can be a real time saver when you are setting up views.

  • elm-instant provides both a visual REPL to try your code as well as a preview pane to immediately see the output of calling functions you have in your files.