#UIengineering Weekly – 26/2018

This is a summary of interesting articles I found and read this week. You can follow along during the week on Twitter with the #UIengineering hashtag and in the UIengineering subreddit.

The three lessons that changed how I think about design systems

Jeremy Bloom described his journey working on the “Percolate Next” UI. This post contains lots of practical advice from his lesson learned and is an insightful read.

Getting executive buy-in for your design system

On the Invision blog David Martin addresse good points about the business value of a design system. In case you need some arguments to convince your boss or client – here you go!

no matter the size of the company, a design system will allow you to iterate faster, will strengthen your brand image, and will allow you to scale in the future.

The themes are always changing, but the tokens stay the same

In this rather technical post Kyle Gach explains how to implement themeable design tokens. He uses the Saleforce library Theo to abstract the variables and values for the themes.

Google’s new Material Design components can be wrapped in React and rendered to Sketch

Aaron Adler shows how to render Material Design components to Sketch. He combines create-react-app, Material Design and html-sketchapp to produce a Sketch symbol library from code.

These tools get us closer to the long-planned designer-developer singularity, in which visual designs are smoothly and precisely assimilated into the codebase.