#UIengineering Weekly – 27/2018

This is a summary of interesting articles I found and read this week. You can follow along during the week on Twitter with the #UIengineering hashtag and in the UIengineering subreddit.

The Most Exciting Design Systems Are Boring

In this high-level post Josh Clark shares his thoughts on why he thinks design patterns should be familiar, even boring. He uses his current relaunch project as a practical example for extracting known patterns.

Attaining a Collaborative Shared Understanding

On the UIE blog Jared M. Spool sums up some points on why it is important for design and development to work closely together:

The result of paired design is a level of communication about the intention that goes beyond what shows up in the prototype.

Sketching in the Browser

Mark Dalgleish gave this talk at the recent JSHeroes 2018 conference. He explains how the emergence of tools like html-sketchapp allow us to use code as the single source of truth for designs.

Order Out of Chaos: Patterns of Organization for Writing on the Job

Richard Rabil gives in-depth advise for structuring content and writing in general. This article contains useful information for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills, e.g. for documentation.