#UIengineering Weekly – 29/2018

This is a summary of interesting articles I found and read this week. You can follow along during the week on Twitter with the #UIengineering hashtag and in the UIengineering subreddit.

The Design Tool Dilemma

Colm Tuite takes detailed look at two opposing narratives emerging in the design tool space.

If our design tools are to provide us with the same level of product influence that developers have enjoyed exclusively for decades, they need to move on from the broken workflows of the past and continue to embrace the interactive mediums of the future.

The Holy Grail Of Reusable Components

On Smashing Magazine Oliver Williams looks at augmenting HTML with components that have built-in functionality and styles. He also shwos how to make these custom elements reusable across projects using NPM.

The Redesign of the Design Process

Jared M. Spool outlines what a modern design process should look like:

Today, the best designs aren’t coming from a single designer who somehow produces an amazing solution. The best designs are coming from teams that work together as a unit, marching towards a commonly held vision, and always building a new understanding of the problem.