#UIengineering Weekly – 31/2018

This is a summary of interesting articles I found and read this week. You can follow along during the week on Twitter with the #UIengineering hashtag and in the UIengineering subreddit.

Create your design system

In this two part series Sebastiano Guerriero and Claudia Romano share their approach for implementing a design system: Part 1 is about Typography and part 2 about Grid & Layout

Evolving a Design System at Scale

Liz Khoo describes how the Salesforce UX team uses cross-product themes to update their design system.

Getting this consistency into product is its own journey for each product team. Once the UX team is aligned internally, each product team must address this “trust debt” (aka design debt) and make the necessary changes.

Pattern Journey

Varya Stepanova gives us a visual illustration and explanation of what happens to a pattern on its way from identifying to actual implementation. This shows how different the path might be depending on the situation.