I help product teams to improve their development velocity and time to market.

Fast iteration is key to ensuring you are solving the right problems. Teams are facing various challenges building innovative products:

Your goal is faster time to market and increased product value. Your team is eager, but struggling to deliver high quality with the required pace?

UI engineering and design systems to the rescue …

A modular UI toolkit that is easily accessible enables shorter iteration cycles. A solid design system and component library speed up your releases without compromising quality. Using these tools and techniques you will…

In brief: Waste less resources and money while your team can tackle the challenges that matter to your customers.

Dennis was wonderful to work with to build and launch the Spiral website. He was able to take the Figma design and turn around an initial implementation extremely quickly. From that point until launch, he was responsive to all feedback. He has also supported a transition to our team to be able to maintain the website. The result was excellent, and I hope to work with him again soon.

—Steve Lee, head of Spiral

How can I help?

As a User Interface Engineer I help product teams to build applications based on a solid design system and component library. With an interdisciplinary skillset of development and design I assist in architecting, integrating and deploying complex systems; taking into account the multitude of concerns like user experience, performance and future maintenance.

The benefits have various facets:

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I enjoy tackling ambitious goals as part of an interdisciplinary product team. Also, I like helping people to improve their skills and efficiency. I am available for consulting and engineering work offering these kinds of services:

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The toolkit we use for most of our project work is open source: The UIengine helps to create, document and evolve design systems. It is publicly available on GitHub and NPM. There are also some introduction videos.

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UI engineering

In collaboration with my friend and colleague Jan Persiel I am leading an initiative and hosting a podcast around the topic of UI engineering. The podcast and accompanying website are available in german.